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JUPAS Choice 2001
(only with Poly U, City U, Baptist U, and Lingnan U
lower quartile admission grades for your reference)
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Priority list with both AL and CE result

Priority list with CE result only
師母Teresa考大學時的self introduction
師母Teresa對self introduction的一點意見

Note: We have to know that the points system used in Jupas formulae is different from that of used in the common Certificate result. For example, if you have 3C, 2D, 1E in CE, we used to calculate (3*3+2*2+1*1), i.e. 14 points to represent your performance in HKCEE.

However, in Jupas, the points of different grades in HKCEE nad HKAL are as follows:
A1 (1), A2 (2), B3 (3), B4 (4), C5 (5), C6(6), D7(7), D8 (8), E9 (9), E10 (10)

In Jupas, they usually count the best 6 HKCEE subjects (for 60% of your final Jupas points) for the first round selection well before the AL exam, and the best 2 AL subjects and 4 ASL subjects (1 AL subject = 2ASL subjects) to count for the rest of the percentage. So the best students should get 10 marks, and the worst ones should get 100 marks.

Usually, the universities would accept students with maximum 50-60 points. So, if your HKCEE result is not good enough, you will have to work very very hard to struggle for improvement in AL. Otherwise, you will get no chance to get into the universities.



One thing more, I don't suggest students to apply Education Institute unless they actually would like to devote themselves into education. If the students only choose Education Institute for lower admission requirements, there will be serious bad effects to our education standard in the future. So, please think twice before applying the Education institutes.

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