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師母Teresa考大學時的self introduction
Sample 1:
Application to HKU

The subject of my choice is comparative literature.

It is a common brief that literature is a very boring and frightening subject since it requires a high standard of English and comprehensive power. However, I enjoy studying literature very much. For me, it is sometimes more than an examination subject. Through studying literature, I learn how to criticize things analytically. Moreover, I become more sensitive to the beautiful and emotional aspects of life. this, together with the fact that I enjoy expressing myself, thinking about people and reading, is why I decide to choose comparative literature.

During matriculation year, I have also studied economics and history. they have taught me how to understand and analyze things. Thus, I hope all these can help me in studying literature which also demands logical thinking and independent judgments.

On the other hand, I have been a prefect of the class; guidance assistance; student librarian and the committee member of several clubs. Through such participation, i came into contact with different kinds of people. This enabled me to understand much more about life, people, human nature and relationship which are the prerequisites in studying literure. in addition, I have learnt how to organize things and handle matters systematically and in fact, i benefited a lot, both in my daily life and my study.

I think I am a friendly and independent person. I like swimming, playing piano, chinese calligraphy, and reading. in the future, I hope i can be a teacher, since I like to be in contact with people; especially with children and teenagers. I think this will give me a sense of satisfaction as teaching is a meaningfully job.

Lastly, I hope by involving myself in literature. i can find experience much enriched and my sympathy for others much widened, so that I can 'live many lives in one'.

Sample 2:
Application to HKUST

First of all, it is my honour to become one of the applicants of the newly built University of Science and Technology.

Recently, as everyone knows, there was a shortage of post secondary institutions, especially universities. Competition has been extremely keen. However, with the establishment of HKUST, I have a wider choice available to continue my further studies, and as I should treasure this opportunity given by society. I shall try my best to learn more so that I can contribute my utmost to Hong Kong and maintain its prosperity.

From a practical point of view, the subjects offered by HKUST are very useful and really appeal to me. I chose economics because it can train me to be more systematic and independent. During my matriculation, i developed a great interest in economics and so I would like to satisfy my interest in this area.

On the other hand, as compared with other countries, the tuition fee of universities in Hong Kong is much lower. As i come from a lower middle class family and my parents have already spent much on my education, I hope I can lessen their burden of high tuition fees by studying in Hong Kong.

As a matter of fact, hong Kong is the place that I was born, studied in and grew up in. I treasure everything about Hong Kong and I really enjoy what hong Kong has given me. Therefore it is my responsibility to value every opportunity to become the cream of society, so as to benefit Hong Kong.

Sample 3:
Application to CUHK


我是一個堅強獨立而樂觀的人,喜歡嘗試及接受新事物,因此我選日本研究為第一志願。我覺得這這科不但能使我深入了解日本,更能從與不同語言的人溝通中改變我被動的性 格。而在修讀日本歷史中,我很佩服日本在百年間,從經歷多次戰爭中,成為一個在世界上具相當影響力的國家。因此,我希望在修讀日本研究的時候,能對日本有深入了解,更希望從中學習客觀批評及自我檢討。我曾在中大校外課程修讀日文文憑課程半年。因此,我很有信心能在這科有良好表現。對於未來,我希望能成為一道溝通國際的橋樑,從工作中去介紹及傳播中西文化,使社會更團結及繁榮。

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