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師母Teresa對self introduction的一點意見

(By Teresa Yung)

Before writing your “Self-Introduction”:

1) Gather information of the course you are going to choose, by university prospectus, faculty pamphlets, government articles, education news etc.  Study them to see whether you really want to place a particular subject as your choice;

2) Jot down some useful descriptions from those materials, they may be helpful to you in writing;

3) Get dictionaries or thesauruses, copy down those words (especially positive phrases) that may be useful in your writing.

e.g. “Develop” can also expressed by “Advance”, “Progress”, “Improve”;

“Interest” can be expressed by “Stimulate”, “Appeal to”, and “Fascinate”.

Find them out so that you can have a variety of vocabulary even when you are expressing the same thing.

How to draft the “Self-Introduction” of your JUPUS application?

1) Organize what you want to tell;

2) Divide what you want to tell in paragraphs;

3) Make a brief heading of each paragraph, and under each heading, write       (in your own words, in your own way and in your own language) what        you are going to tell; E.g. If your choice is Business/Business                     Administration…

    Paragraph 1: Subject choice in JUPUS Business, business-related subjects

    Paragraph 2 : Why I choose Business instead of other subjects? ? Need of
    the society?? Parents wish? ? Knowledge useful in all careers? A path to     pursue Havard MBA?

    Paragraph 3: My present studies? ? What subjects? ? Any relation to the      JUPUS choice? ? Do you like the present studies?

    Paragraph 4: Proof of my capability to be a suitable candidate. My life         experience, my personality…

    Paragraph 5: What to do after graduation? ? Further studies in the same        subject? ? Making contribution to society? Fulfill my wish to be a staff       member of worldwide organization?

    Paragraph 6: Conclusion Humbly hope that my application can be

    Of course, the above is only a suggestion.  It is always better for you to       draft and organize the content in your own way so as to make it unique.

    Avoid blind copy from classmates and friends.  You may copy some           good phrases from them but you may copy some bad phrases from them      too! Individuality is most important.

4) After you had answered all the above headings, organize them properly to make it like a piece of “Self-Introduction”;

5) Ask teachers or classmates to comment on your writing to find out whether you need further correction.

Dos & Don'ts


1) Make your expression sincere;
2) Show a positive attitude, drive and determination;
3) Humble by admitting any personal defects, but promise to improve;
4) Ask for a chance to be interviewed if needed.

Don't :

1) Exaggerate your ability;
2) Treat yourself as somebody of superior ability,
    e.g. "I would like to be a successful businessman to save Hong Kong’s      economy";
3) Make a long-winded and unnecessary description of the Hong Kong            economy or social phenomenon;

Some Useful Expressions:


e.g Realistic; Extrovert; Reliable; Trustworthy; Jovial; Outgoing; Gregarious; Approachable;


e.g. Practical; Unyielding; Efficient; Tenacity;


e.g. Gets the job done in spite of all difficulties; Hardworking and conscientious; Whole-hearted in work; Give out my best in study;

More are coming…..
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